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updating Root Certificate for new OWA URL

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  • updating Root Certificate for new OWA URL

    Dear colleagues,

    I need help in setting of the new certificate with new domain for my current SSL enabled OWA. My requirement.

    1. I have a SSL enabled OWA for domain with our own root certificate.

    2. The requirement is that we have purchased a new domain and wants as the new OWA URL and we are going to purchase root certificate from Thwate.

    I need the procedure to create the CSR for the new URL and still wants the OLD certificate and URL to be active untill i recieve the new certificate.
    The exchange 2003 certification creation Wizard does not have any option for creating a new certificate.


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    Re: updating Root Certificate for new OWA URL

    You don't have to use the live web site for the certificate request.
    Therefore simply setup a new web site on an IIS server somewhere and carry out the request on that server, entering the common name as required.
    When you get the certificate response back, process it on that site.
    When the certificate is installed, export it to a PFX file.

    When you are ready to swap certificates on the live site, remove the existing one and import the new one from the PFX file.

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      Re: updating Root Certificate for new OWA URL

      i still have a problem :

      Now the situation is such that the request for new certificate is in pending state as still we haven't received the certificate from thwate due to some legal documentation.

      We need to start the owa using ssl as soon as possible by using our own root certificate (temporarily) and then add the original certificate when we recieve it.

      What is procedure to do this?.