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undeliverable read receipts only just arriving

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  • undeliverable read receipts only just arriving

    Hi, just lookin for a few answers , maybe sombody can point me in the right direction.
    i am running exchange 2003,on 2003 server, also on the same server we have sophos puremessage installed,.
    the problem i am having is that every so often exchange locks when i look in the logs i have errors everywhere and sophos bein the problem. i am now getting old undeliverable read receipts from april and may being delivered to users. i have no idea why this should happen, can anyone help.
    sorry ,another thing, i am thinking of running best practise analyzer but worried it will have an impact on exchange during office hours, will it , or will it be ok, does anyone know.

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    Re: undeliverable read receipts only just arriving

    Hi another thing i forgot to mention,, all the undeliverable read receipts only came through to the users after i had rebooted my mailserver


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      Re: undeliverable read receipts only just arriving

      Most of the time that is caused by AV software. The reboot of the server releases the stuck messages. In most cases you have no idea the messages are there as the AV software doesn't acknowledge them.

      I have also seen it occur when the desktop top AV software on the server has been configured in correctly and is scanning the Exchange directories.

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