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    I have a user who needs all their e-mail forwarded to a second person. They are using a product called Commtouch (which so far is the best anti-spam solution I have seen, do you know of anything bettar), for spam. At any rate with auto-forwarding will Commtouch catch spam first or will all the junk also go to the second user as well (and as it is forwarded from a trusted server therefore not get caught by commtouch...)?

    Noach Sumner

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    Commtouch is a Antispam gateway solution, which means it doesnt run on the mail server.

    There is several scenarios to these solutions. Some is scanning all incoming emails - some is also scanning outgoing (in my opinion you should scan both incoming and outgoing). So if the second person is an external user - all mails should be scanned for spam on your antispam gateway.

    Be in mind that in most antispam solutions you can whitelist domains that should not be scanned - so it all depends on the current configuration on the antispam gateway.

    If the 2. user is internal - in the same exchange organisation - then all mails will be forwarded - because its not going thru the antispam gateway. Unless you have set some filters on the exchange servers.

    I know I cant give an exact answer to your question - but I hope this gives you a guideline to how it works.
    Best Regards

    Heino Skov
    System Consultant