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Exch2003 flat file backup

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  • Exch2003 flat file backup

    Hey all...

    We recently upgraded to Exchange 2003 standard from Exch2K.
    When I was using Exch2K, I had a nifty little util that I used alongside my veritas solution that performed a hot flatfile backup of my info store and all of the log files. (Retrospect exchange agent)

    With our upgrade to 2K3, the utility does not work any longer. Are there any programs out there that you are aware of that will allow you to backup these files to disk WITHOUT taking the store offline and WITHOUT encapsulating them within whatever propriatary format the software happens to use. I just want to be able to extract the actual files for another form of backup.

    Currently we use Veritas with the exchange agent, which does a fine job to tape but if I go Backup to disk, it still puts the files in Veritas Propriatary format.

    Thank you ahead of time.


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    Re: Exch2003 flat file backup

    Veritas is putting the data in a format for restore to the database.

    Exchange is a database - it is not designed for flat file backups.
    You backup Exchange using an Exchange aware backup application, then when you come to restore Exchange you build a new server and restore the data in to the new database.

    SQL works in broadly the same way.

    You will not find an online backup solution that stores the data in common files because that is not how online backups work.

    Whether I would call it a proprietary format or not is debatable. Unless the application supports it, you cannot backup with one application and restore with another.

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