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  • OWA on One Server

    This question is probably very basic, but this is my first time dealing with Exchange Server 2003. The book I am reading is based on larger networks.

    I have one server and it is running exchange server. To have Outlook Web Access, the book is talking about Front-End/Back-End servers. If I have only one server, can I setup access for OWA. If you have any links on how-to's, that would help.

    Thank you.

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    Re: OWA on One Server

    Should just work out of the box.

    Internally on your network, try http://YOUR_EXCHANGE_SERVER/exchange and you should get to the OWA interface.

    The real fun will be in getting to your server from the outside world.

    But if you could reach your server from the outside via an IP address, by obtaining a public IP address and then sorting out your router, then you would access OWA using http\\\exchange.

    Then you'll want to make it easier for your users, so you'll sort out DNS so that a suitable name could be aliased to your IP address.



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      Re: OWA on One Server

      Wnat to learn how to do this real quick, use Train Signal's Exchange 2003 Lab. It also teaches you (amongst many, many other things) how to setup FBA (Forms Based Authentication) so your OWA passwords are not sent in clear text for the whole world to see and hack.
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        Re: OWA on One Server

        I had access to OWA on the server, but I could not access over the internet. I recently setup an SSL for the website to allow for more secure access. Now, I can't get to exchange on the server.

        Oh, what fun.


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          Re: OWA on One Server

          1. For access from Internet you need to access througth external IP address (first publish the port of the server), like that or buy a DNS record for your Exchange first type HOST and then another entry called MX with the value of 10.
          2. If u installed a CA in you organization you can ask for certificate for OWA in the IIS of the Exchange Server. U can try do it from the IIS Console.
          3. After configure SSL in the IIS of Exhcange Server you need enable it, u can enter to Exchange System Manager in protocols, select HTTP properties and the you can select Enable Form. After this change i suggest you to restart IIS Admin service.


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            Re: OWA on One Server

            Fix the problem thank you very much. I needed to finish the CA