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Black List and Exchange 2000

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  • Black List and Exchange 2000


    I have my company´s email account locked by the DSBL (Distributed Sender Blackhole List).

    I want to remove my email from their database but they presented me addresses like this:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    In their FAQ they said:

    In the example above, the first and third addresses (if shown; see below) will deliver directly to your mail server, not to your ISP, per standard SMTP procedure. All you need to do is teach your mail server software to treat "" as an inbound domain equivalent to "" for which it should accept mail. Make sure that at least "[email protected]" works from outside your system (like a Yahoo or Hotmail account) and delivers to an account you can read. Also ensure that you do not have any spam or virus filters operating on that account. Ensure that you can receive AND READ mail sent to this account BEFORE requesting DSBL removal.

    Question: How can I do this on Exchange 2000?

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    Re: Black List and Exchange 2000

    I see the solution in another forum:

    I was finally able to fix the issue with an addition to the recipient policy within Exchange, and a corresponding email address addition to the Administrator account. To summarize, my client was not using POP, but had a fully functional standard SMTP Exchange server setup (also using static IP, not a dynamic IP). I checked the normal culprits for being spam listed....nothing came up (no open relay or resident viruses, etc.) I'm still a bit puzzled why their server got blacklisted on in the first place...

    Anyhow, what I did was added "" to the Exchange server's current recipient policy, then added "[email protected]" to the Administrator account's list of email addresses. I sent an external test message to this account to ensure message reception....that was confirmed. I then followed the DSBL.ORG instructions for de-listing, directing their confirmation of host removal message to this newly created "[email protected]" address. That confirmation message from DSBL did arrive, I responded by clicking on the embedded weblink, and I'm now in their 24 hour waiting period for delisting to be finalized.

    My question is how the tasks that are as Bold?
    I´m a rookie with Exchange