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mail taking ages to down load

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  • mail taking ages to down load

    I have exchange 5.5 on an NT4 server (all latest service packs) with outlook 2000 clients.
    Some of the clients when opening a mail take almost 2 minutes but only the mail with attachements. mail without attachements don't take a long time so it must be to do with them. Anti virus is EZ V7 and is set to scan all in and out. This setting is the same on all PC's but only 20% of them have the problem. They have been scanned for viruses and nothing found.

    Ive created the profiles again etc and still no joy. The PC's do have syncronisation errors when you go to syncronise but i don't know where the log is for syncronisation.

    why only attachement mail and any idea as to what it could be?

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    I have no exact answer to your question however I will try give you some ideas to what you have to look into.

    First - this could be a performance problem with your network. Make sure that you dont have any duplex mismatch configuration on nics and switches on either the server or the clients.

    Second - I would try to disable the antivirus software to see if that could cause a problem - but you have to think about the risk while its disabled. It could be a problem on the clients as well as the servers. But only tests would give you a hint here.

    Third - you might wanna look into your memory usage on the server as well. Is it swapping then that could be your problem. Maybe check your pagefile as well- is it big enough and it should not be a variable size.

    This is only some ideas you could try out. Hope it will help you. Otherwise you have to post more information on your problem.
    Best Regards

    Heino Skov
    System Consultant


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      many thanks

      glad someone replied as this is a strange problem, what will miss matched Nic cards do as our server is a teamed connection on full duplex and guess the clients are half duplex.


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        Well it depends on which switches youre running.

        I know for a fact regarding HP Procurve switches that HP recommends that you set your nic and switch port to autonegotiation. Sometimes the nic (client) and switch cant figure this out. This means you will get CRC errors on your switch. On a procurve switch you can check this in a log. If you get CRC errors the autonegotiation didnt came up with the same settings for nic and switch port. Then you have to force both the nic and switch port to run with 100 mbit full duplex. If its older nics - you might only be able to run half duplex -then configure the same on the switch.

        If the switch is not managed - its harder to determine if there is a problem. You would have to test the current setups and change the client nic to run with either autonegotiation or force it too 100 Mbit full duplex.

        Also your servers nics is teamed - thats cool enough - but have you configured your switch too? Normally I define the ports on the switch in a trunk - so that the switch know that this 2 or more ports is going to the same client / server.
        Best Regards

        Heino Skov
        System Consultant


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          again thanks

          intersting to find this out but now I can't find out of errers etc as my switches arent managed, i9nfact there crappy plannet thingys ! soon to be replaced though!