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Migrate mailbox from hosted exchange to inhouse

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  • Migrate mailbox from hosted exchange to inhouse


    Whats is the easiest way to migrate everything (mailbox, public folder, etc) from hosted exchange server to inhous server.

    Thanks for all you help


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    Re: Migrate mailbox from hosted exchange to inhouse

    Don't have too much experience of Hosted offerings, but I suppose it depends on how much access you have to the server, and the bandwidth connectivity you have. I'd say you have about three main choices:

    1. Backup & then Restore.
    This will be technically very difficult. The main problem is getting a backup. Maybe your hosted service will take a backup for you. But then you've got to have similar tape hardware connected to your In-house server. And then you've got to make sure that the In-house server is similarly configured, AD and Exchange-wise, to the In-house one before a restore could work.

    All the while, you will be disrupting your users, because you'd have to consider taking down the Hosted server whilst this is being done so that you can achieve a 'final' backup.

    I wouldn't do this.

    2. ExMerge
    An easier option. Essentially, you'll be taking a PST of each mailbox with this process and restoring it on your new server.

    But again, you are potentially disrupting your users whilst this is taking place.

    3. Mailbox Moves
    I'd favour the good old mailbox move. You can schedule your moves to minimize disruption. In making your moves you can minimize risk by moving as many as you feel comfortable with.

    It is simple and straight-forward but only a problem if you are moving thousands of mailboxes - the whole process could take too long to complete. Mind you, some would say 100's of mailboxes would be too much.

    The other problem you may already be thinking about is how you will organize moving your domain MX records away from pointing to the hosted service to pointing to your new server without losing incoming mail while DNS servers are being updated around the world (which could take up to 2 days).

    That's the challenge!



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      Re: Migrate mailbox from hosted exchange to inhouse

      How many users are we talking about? Is it possible to ask for an offline backup of the entire MBX store from the hosting company?

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        Re: Migrate mailbox from hosted exchange to inhouse

        The main question is whether the hosting company is going to be cooperative or not. If you don't want them to know that you are leaving until you have gone, then it is a lot more difficult.

        If they will cooperate then you could ask them to exmerge all of your content out AFTER you have setup the new servers and moved all MX records etc to point to the new server. This will mean being without the older data for a short while.

        If they will not cooperate then it is a manual extraction to PST files and then import. The cheats way to manually extract is to change the delivery location from mailbox to Personal Folders. Then when complete, close Outlook and import the PST file on the new server. Repeat as required.

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