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Free/Busy Replication - Going one way ??

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  • Free/Busy Replication - Going one way ??

    Hi everyone,

    I have a weird issue going on at the moment.

    Basically got a new Exchange 2003 server up and running so that makes two. Intending to migrate all the mailboxes over and remove the old server as its just has old hardware and all that.

    So everything seems to be going well BUT ... the Free/Busy data seems to be only replicating one-way.

    The test user on the new mail server CAN see all other staff members free/busy data when booking them for a meeting or whatever but other staff CANNOT see the test users free busy. The Test users Freebusy data isn't hashed out though (as in cannot access free/busy etc etc) it is just clear... showing no meeting when there are in fact meetings there.

    So I'm a bit stumped on this one..

    Any ideas greatly appreciated


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    Re: Free/Busy Replication - Going one way ??

    That is usually an indication of a problem with replication - something blocking the traffic is the most common cause - I have seen AV software quarantine replication traffic in the past.

    If you are planning to remove the other server though I wouldn't get too worried about it, as the data is where it should be - on the new server.

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      Re: Free/Busy Replication - Going one way ??

      Hi Simon,

      Bit of a delay in my response but thank you for your message that was the issue ... Had a couple of other weird ones, but I'm sure they'll be sorted once everyones over