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Archiving Products - GFI and Exclaimer

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  • Archiving Products - GFI and Exclaimer


    Noticed a post on some Archiving products, but am looking for something a little different, so thought I would start a new thread.

    I am interested in hearing the experiences of people, using the following products:

    GFI Mail Archiver

    compared to


    We currently have a Windows 2003 AD environment, running Exchange 2003 SP2 on a Cluster.

    We also have SQL 2005 already running in our domain, and are planning on upgrading the existing SQL hardware.

    From what I have seen from both of these products, SQL is used heavily to provide the archiving capability, which is great...that is the path we want to use. Both products also seem to have pretty much the same price point, and offer the same options.

    One question I can't seem to find an answer to, is how "user" friendly the archive solution is. One of the requests from Management, is that it be transparent, linking into existing Outlook clients (mix of Outlook XP and 2003).

    At any rate, if you have any feedback on these 2 products, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Archiving Products - GFI and Exclaimer

    I haven't used Exclaimer's product, but if you want transparent then GFI is not for you.

    GFI's product is what I refer to as a journaling product. It uses the Exchange message journaling feature and retains a copy of the email as it passes through the server.
    It is excellent for compliance reasons and I have it deployed at most of my financial services clients. Users continue to manage their own mailboxes, but because they can easily get the old email back using the web interface, I have found that their mailboxes are much smaller as they retain just live and frequently accessed content in them.

    What GFI does not do is remove the content and leave stubs in Outlook so that it is transparent to the user that the content has been moved elsewhere.
    For that you need something like Commvault (or whatever it is called now) and you are looking at a lot more expense.

    It very much depends on what you are looking to do.

    Reading Exclaimer's fact sheet, it looks like it operates in the same way as GFI.

    On a side note, it would appear that Exclaimer is trying to turn itself in to GFI, taking on GFI Mail Essentials, Mail Security and Archiver and producing products with a similar specification.

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      Re: Archiving Products - GFI and Exclaimer

      Ok..thanks for replying. My manager is requesting the "seamless" version, but not really sure if the company needs it.

      I still need to sit down with the Records Management person, and find out what compliance issues need to be addressed, etc.

      Pretty sure the GFI and Exclaimer will meet will be the ease of use on the user level that will probably be the next requirement.