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Users are not gettting email from "outside" of the domain

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  • Users are not gettting email from "outside" of the domain

    Our users (including myself) cannot see email that is being received from "outside"of my domain. You cannot see the message from Outlook and/or OWA. However, I can send and receive mail "within" my domain without any problems whatsoever. I can also send email outside my domain and people are getting my messages. When they reply to the message, or even send new messages to any of my users, I can watch the traffic go through the firewall and I can see it being delivered to my back-end exchange server - and to make matters worse, the mailbox count in ESM "total items" increments with each new message. When I look at my server queues everything has a green circle with a check box in it - so nothing is hanging either.

    I have a Windows 2003 domain (with a couple of DC's) and a back-end Exchange 2003 server. I removed the front-end exchange server from the network to narrow down the problem. I also removed the antivirus software for fear that it was filtering messages and not giving them to me. I even thought that maybe it was an Outlook (2003) issue so I started using OWA but that didn't help either. So needless to say, I have absolutely no idea what is causing this. It's seems like any number of things could be hosed (i.e., active directory, exchange (IIS and/or ESM permission), DNS or all of the above). It's almost as if users only have enough permissions to see/read messages from within their domain but do not have the proper access/permissions to see email items that arrive from outside their domain.

    It's like a two sided exchange server and I'm only allowed to view the messages in my inbox that came from within my domain. I have a bunch of various error messages from event viewer that I'll list below, which I'm still reviewing.

    So here you go:
    1024 - MSExchangeIS Public St
    2103 - MSExchangeDSAccess
    8252 - MSExchangeAL
    8213 - MSExchangeFBPublish
    1005 - MSExchangeSA
    2104 - MSExchangeDSAccess
    1022 - MSExchangeIS Mailbox
    9548 - MSExchangeIS
    326 - MSExchange Transport

    Thanks in advance to an exchange guru that is sharp enough to fix this issue!


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    Re: Users are not gettting email from "outside" of the domain

    Hi Craig,

    I reckon that since you've found that external mail is being delivered to your server but you and your users are not receiving it, then the messages are 'hiding' on the server on a queue.

    As well as the queues that are exposed to you in ESM, Exchange has a number of hidden queues too.

    You can send each other internal mail because there are no reouting decisions for Exchange to take - it knows that the recipient mailbox is on the same server.

    You can send mail externally and this suggests that Exchange is working well here - it can tell from the domain name that the mail needs to go out and so it uses your SMTP connector to send mail out.

    With incoming mail from an external source, a process happens where a 'categorizer' works out that the recipient is on the same server, and I think that Exchange employs the MTA service to deliver the mail. Your mailbox count goes up, but the mail is not delivered. It is stuck on an internal queue.

    Sounds like you need to restart the MTA Service to get this all working. A related service that is also worth restarting is the Routing Service. Hopefully, this will all work for you.

    This is pretty uncommon behaviour for Exchange and I wonder if you've got the latest SP for Exchange (and Windows)?



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      Re: Users are not gettting email from "outside" of the domain

      Did you try to check whether port no 25 is opened.

      do this way... use the machine which is not in your domain.

      on the command prompt type.

      telnet YOURPUBLICIP 25
      Does it give you a banner. if no then, your Port no.25(smtp) is not opened.

      Open that port. and redirect it to your internal I.P where exchange is running.
      Right now your Back-end server.

      You'r right, I m working for ........


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        Re: Users are not getting email from "outside" of the domain

        Event viewer message IDs are close to useless.
        They don't tell us anything of any use.

        What does message tracking say?
        If the item count is increasing in ESM then I would suspect that the messages are being delivered to the mailbox, but for some reason are not being displayed.
        The common ones are overly strict antispam filters a view or a rule.

        Message tracking will show if the message was delivered to the mailbox - if it was then this is a client display issue.

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