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Sending email ok, receiving email does not work (was: E-Mail issue)

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  • Sending email ok, receiving email does not work (was: E-Mail issue)

    I just setup Exchange Server. I setup the user accounts for each user in Active Directory. My users can send e-mails using accounts, but they cannot receive the e-mails. The accounts can login and the login is correct. It seems that the e-mails are being received by the server, but are not being sent to the e-mail addresses.

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    Re: E-Mail issue

    Hi, Exchange server should be able to handle internal mail corresponding after the installation in default mode, you just have to create a Mailbox for your users.

    You can trace the messages using Message Tracking Tool (built in) to find out if it's delivered or not. If it's delivered to the user Inbox then it could be a problem in your client setting, what method you've implemented in your client side? The easiest way to verify the message received by the user or not is using OWA, you must logon using that user account. You can not access other user's Inbox (even with Administrator account) except you configured it in that user properties.

    Your client able to access their Inbox using several methods:
    1. Outlook Web Access (OWA), access the Exchange Server address using any web browser (http://exch_server/exchange)
    2. Email client (Microsoft Outlook) configured in Exchange Server mode or POP3 or IMAP.




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      Re: E-Mail issue

      Ah, the "helpful title fairy" strikes again....

      How do you know the messages are being recieved at the server?

      Is the problem just external messages or are internal not being recieved also?
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        Re: E-Mail issue

        A good first test to do is to see for yourself if your server is responding to incoming mail.

        You can check this out by telneting on port 25 to your server, if you are handy with telnet and smtp commands.

        If not, then an easier way is to use There is a mail test there where you can pop in a valid email address for one of your users, and it will report on whether it could send an email to your server.

        If the report looks good, then if your users aren't receiving mail, then mail must be getting to your server and there must be a queue on your server. Use ESM to see the queues building up. ESM tells you why messages are queuing. See what that message is and let us know.

        But if there aren't any queues, then you've no doubt done the time-honoured test of sending yourself (or one of your users) a message from the outside world. Do you get an NDR (perhaps after two days)?

        Good luck.



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          Re: Sending email ok, receiving email does not work (was: E-Mail issue)

          Thank you for your help.


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            Re: Sending email ok, receiving email does not work (was: E-Mail issue)

            another page to viewis U can see if your DNS registries are ok.