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Mailbox versus Account's

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  • Mailbox versus Account's

    Exchange is something I am starting to learn (we always had someone else up until now to look after it), so have decided to run it in VMWare for now.

    Looking at the properties of an account within ADUC, there is the option of adding additional e-mail addresses. As a test, I added other names @thedomain name.
    It works like an alias, which is fine - someone can have more than one e-mail address and replies by the default one which is in bold on the properties tab.

    What if someone needs more than one e-mail address and needs to be able to reply from that address also? With Outlook closed I am told it only supports one Exchange mail box. As a work around I created two Outlook Profiles; each for the seperate e-mail accounts. It works as intended, but the user is prompted for a password each time they open the secondary account. I know this happening because the have logged on to the domain with the AD account that also has the original mail box associated with it.

    I know I must be going about this the wrong way - can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    Re: Mailbox versus Account's

    I would create additional mailboxes and grant the user send on behalf of privs.

    See if that meets your requirement.
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      Re: Mailbox versus Account's

      ...and if they need to "Send As", rather than "Send on Behalf Of", you need to grant them server-side rights as the rights granted by the mailbox owner don't cut it.

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        Re: Mailbox versus Account's

        thanks for the replies - sorry about the delay in reply. In the process of sorting the mailboxes out now. There is nothing like learning something as you go along!