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RPC over HTTPS Authentication

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  • RPC over HTTPS Authentication

    Hi, we have a full Exchange implementation here in our company.
    One of our features is RPC over HTTPS for laptop conectivity.
    Laptops are like normal workstations, they form part of the domain so the user needs to login with a fully qualified AD account and pass.

    Well so far so god, the only problem that we have is when a user in a laptop needs to connect to the exchange server from outside (or via rpc over https) it promps for login name and pass:
    domain\username & password, the question is why asks to enter this security credentials if the actual username is login as himself, why does not outlook use current username and pass to try to login to exchange via rpc over https?

    Does someone know how to set up Outlook or Windows to retain current credentials and use it in case that Outlook need to login to the exchange server?

    Regards to all

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    Re: RPC over HTTPS Authentication

    If the machine is part of the domain then simply adjust a few settings.

    On the Exchange server, in IIS manager, find the /rpc virtual directory and ensure that integrated authentication is enabled.
    In Outlook change the authentication type for RPC over HTTPS to NTLM.

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