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FE\BE owa iis question

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  • FE\BE owa iis question

    i have in site one FE and BE servers and in site two (same exchange organization) another exchange server ( lets call him EX )

    i configure EX at site two to be FE\BE in the same server so users can connect direct to owa on this server without need to go through the FE on site one

    now if a user go through the owa of the FE he can get to his mailbox no matter where the mailbox is located (both BE and EX working)

    but if user go to owa on EX directly he can get mailbox on the same server (EX) but if his mailbox is on the other BE server he can't get to it cause EX try to redirect him to the FQDN of the BE which is not accessible from the internet

    my question is can i somehow configure EX to redirect user to the FE if the mailbox is not located on the server or i have to install a second front end in the other site

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    Re: FE\BE owa iis question

    Because the EX acting as Backend (can't be configured as FE as well), it search only the mailboxes on his DBs.
    If you want that users on the EX will be able to connect using OWA, you need one of the followings:
    1. Create additional FE in the secondary site (Where EX is located).
    2. Let the users in that their mailboxes located on EX to use the FE as well (central OWA / Front End).
    CNE 5, CCA, MCSE NT4.0-2003, MCSE 2003 messaging, Exchange Server MVP.
    Tzahi Kolber - IT Supervisor
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      Re: FE\BE owa iis question

      when i said FE/BE on the same server i meant that it's configure as rpc over https in a single server scenario while in the other site it's configure rpc over https in FE BE scenario

      thanks for your replay it's pretty much what i thought 10x