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online deframentation over 12hours

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  • online deframentation over 12hours

    Hello everyone I have a file server with Exchange 2003 installed at the moment. The problem? is that my exchange takes 14 hours to complete the online maintenance including the online defragment. I've set the custom time frame from 4am to 7pm for the private database. Public finishes within 30min so that ok.

    It kicks off at around 4:30am and completes at 6:30pm.... to me it's a little odd. The size of it used to be just over 20GB but after offline defrag it's reduced down to about 15GB. Yet the time it takes to complete makes no difference before and after offline defrag.

    I thought standard time frame to complete this action takes within 4 hours. Is there any ideas why this is taking so long? or is it just simply exchange private database is too large?

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    Re: online deframentation over 12hours

    Could be some reasons:
    1. The DB has some kind of coruption.
    2. The DB didn't pass online defrag for a long time (maybe because a backup was running during the online defrag and stopped it - or the online defrag didn't finish).
    3. Maybe the server is busy or loaded (Don't forget that the online defrag is taking about 15-30% CPU sometimes) and if you said that the server is Exchange & file server - it is possible).
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