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Can't unblock user from internet mail

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  • Can't unblock user from internet mail

    First, I have to say a big "thanks" to Daniel. Your article on blocking incoming internet e-mails helped me a lot for a project I was given at work. I now have a problem getting a user who was once blocked, to be able to send and receive internet e-mails. I removed the check from the "authenticated users only" box in Exchange 2003, and removed the user from "denied" list on the authentication tab of the SMTP connector. They can receive e-mails from outside our domain, but the sender receives a NDR, and when they try to send they are given the "You do not have permission..." message (7.3.1). I've tried moving the user to a different AD group and double checked the permissions on the account, yet still no luck. Hopefully someone has a solution. Thanks, Scott

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    Re: Can't unblock user from internet mail

    Are there any other restrictions on the SMTP Connector? Any other groups that are left with the deny sending permission?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Can't unblock user from internet mail

      No, it's done per individual. They're in a different group, but the restrictions are placed per person, since the group is relatively small, and it's only affecting one user.

      Others who have been promoted to higher positions and moved from this group are not reporting any problems. I'm almost to the point of deleting the user's profile from the Domain and creating a new one, but not quite. Hopefully there's an easier solution, but I haven't been able to find one.

      Thanks in advance!



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        Found it!

        I looked and looked at the SMTP connector, even set the user's permissions to explicitly allow them to send via the connector, but still got the error.

        I finally went searching elsewhere and under Routing Groups, First Routing Group, Connectors, there is another SMTP connector. This user, along with the others that should be blocked were listed there. Once I removed the user from this area as well, their e-mail now works like it's supposed to.

        Thanks Daniel, your site has been a God-send.