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Best practices moving mailbox in a Migration

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  • Best practices moving mailbox in a Migration

    Hi all, i wanna know what are the best practices during the process of moving mailboxes from Exchange Server 2000 to Exchange Server 2003. Now in a project i need to move about 1300 mailboxes.

    I know someting to move mailboxes:
    - users cannot access while iam moving the mailboxes
    - the exchange server 2003, the storage group for the mailboxes of ex2k, must no have any configuration like: Limits, etc.

    Anything else?

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    Re: Best practices moving mailbox in a Migration

    Here are some:

    1. Your log drive (both source and destination, I think) will fill up as you move your mailboxes. See if you can move the logs to large drives. Come to think of it, I think it is the destination log drive that will fill up. Keep an eye out, otherwise your store will dismount.

    2. Even if you line up loads of mailboxes to move, Move Mailbox will only work on 4 simultaneously. But nothing to stop you launching mutliple Mailbox Moves. Found that, even on powerful hardware, 4 Move instances seemed optimum.

    3. Lastly, there's a finite number of logs that can remain uncommitted (whilst Exchange chugs through the logs, moving the mailboxes) at any one time before Exchange thinks it is never going to catch up. I think it is something like 1030 logs. This might not be an issue on fast hardware. But if Exchange reaches that limit, it will dismount the store.

    On that last point, there is a counter you can use to monitor this. But I'll need to look this up. If you think this might impact you, let me know and I'll check on this.



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      Re: Best practices moving mailbox in a Migration

      THe hardware for my new exchange 2k3 will be a quad core with 5gb of RAM, an will store aout 1200 mailboxes, an the exchange server 2k is in a xeon 3.4 ghz with 3.5 GB RAM. I Planned to move first 10 mailboxes, then 15, then 20 until finish all mailboxes.
      I have a doubt about the calendars, some users who has their mailbox in exchange 2k will lose their calendars when i move to exchange server 2003?.
      Thanks for heliping me


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        Re: Best practices moving mailbox in a Migration

        You are welcome.

        Users will not lose their calendars when you move their mailboxes.

        I forgot one more tip:

        4. Users will lose their ability to recover deleted items when you move their mailbox. Users should recover anything they think they'll need before you nove their mailboxes.

        With 1200 users, this will be difficult to manage. But I'd recommend sending your target number of mailboxes an email, a couple of days or so before, warning them of this and recommend that they recover any deleted items first before you move their mailbox.

        Sounds like you will do fine. How large is your average mailbox?