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PreSubmission Queue Problems

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  • PreSubmission Queue Problems

    I am using exchange 2000.
    Every 2-3 days I am having a problem with messages bunching up in the PreSubmission Queue. When I am trying to stop and restart SMTP protocol the whole thing freezes. Then I have to restart the server, sometimes 2 times and slowly (within an hour or 2) messages start to go out.
    Any idea what could cause this problem ?
    THank you

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    Re: PreSubmission Queue Problems

    Any errors in the Application/system logs?


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      Re: PreSubmission Queue Problems

      Everything looks normal.
      Could is be because of a third party Spam blocker ?


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        Re: PreSubmission Queue Problems

        Are you using a third party Spam Blocker? If it is something that is installed on Exchange, then this might be contributing to the problem.

        A quick search around Google and pages there would suggest that this might be caused by a corrupt message. Odd that it happens every two or three days and it would suggest a regular mail that comes in and blocks your queues.

        I would check firstly to see if your Exchange Server is fully patched up. You want to patch Windows and Exchange. You want to make sure that you have the latest Service Packs for Windows and Exchange 2000. You don't say which Windows you are on, but for Exchange 2000, you should be on SP4.