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second mail gateway...

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  • second mail gateway...

    today i received the second ironport box for my org.

    the deal is like this... we have one ironport set up to catch and send mail via our T1 line onsite. we have a second connection at our DR facility, not related to the first. this will allow us to have a redundant email connection.

    so i have the first iron port send and recieving, but how do i set up the connector to send mail via both gateways? i have created a second connector, with the IP of the second box, but looks like no go as of yet. i can recieve mail from the second appliance, but cannot send thru it. what am i missing with the connector?

    i guess im really trying to load balance the incoming and outgoing mail across two gateways... does that make sense?

    any suggestions?
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    Re: second mail gateway...

    If you create a second connector then Exchange will not use it as the first connector matches.
    If you want to use both devices then you need to list both of them in the smart host, separated by a semi colon:


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      Re: second mail gateway...


      i just figured that out and felt like a dumbass cause the anwer was remedial at best, so i was hoping that i could get on here and edit my post, but alas! you guys are to quick.

      and i concur. that is exactly what i did...

      go to routing groups, first routing, connectors, and right click on the connector name. on the General tab:
      "fowared all mail..."
      in the text box:

      on point Sembee! as always, mucho respecto to you bro!

      its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
      Give karma where karma is due...