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  • Unutilized Exchange Server

    Dear Friends,

    In my organisation, we are using One Exchange 2003, name as A, which do not point any MX Record. It works in cordination with VPOP3 to fetch mails from another Exchange 2003, name as B, in different forest. We have another unutilized Exchange Server 2003.
    My question is,
    What can be done in order to use the unutilized Exchange Server, keeping in mind the above scenario.

    Please revert as soon as possible, I have to propose the same.

    If any confusion, please feel free to revert.


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    Re: Unutilized Exchange Server

    That's all a bit vague, Ali.

    I don't think you've told us enough about your organisation to enable us to suggest uses for your spare server.

    Here are some usual uses, or roles, for an Exchange Server:
    Front End: Use this as an OWA server
    Use it as a 'Routing Server'
    Use it as an additional Mailbox Server

    You could just decommision it. Problem solved

    You could decommission it and perhaps build it into a spare server to assist in disaster recovery.

    I hope that gives you some ideas anyway.



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      Re: Unutilized Exchange Server

      Dear Robby,
      First off all i thanks a lot for yur immediate response.
      Sorry for not giving adequate info.
      We cannot use OWA. As i mentioned neither we point any MX record for our domain nor we have any SSL Certificates. I can understand this Exchange can be used as a Mailbox Mangement Server but I dont have clear picture of Routing Server. How to do this?

      Thanks and Regards


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        Re: Unutilized Exchange Server

        Hello Ali,

        There are lot fo things you can use. Here are some of the things mentioned below.

        Use it for

        Public Folders
        You can fully use you server as NNTP
        Routing Server

        For Routing Server you should have atleast 2 server connceted in the same organization.

        Please refer technet.

        Nexium lawsuits
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          Re: Unutilized Exchange Server

          A routing server is just a standard Exchange Server that you designate to be the server that receives mail. Once mail is received to that server, then in-built routing will then send mail via the appropriate route to the mailbox server.

          Again, we don't know enough about what you have to helpyou decide if this is appropriate.

          I reckon you'd consider a routing server in scenarios where you would deploy two routing servers, one per site. Instruct your ISP to deliver mail to both sites, and to automatically send to the other routing server if the first they try is not responding. In this way, routing servers build in a level of redundancy into your organization and insures you against a problem with incoming mail to just one server.



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            Re: Unutilized Exchange Server

            In your current scenario the server is close to useless to you.
            I cannot think of any benefit to trying to use that server.

            However start to use Exchange as it was designed by dropping the POP3 connector and getting the email delivered directly to your network by SMTP and there are lots of uses. A combined frontend/gateway server would be the first thing that springs to mind.

            Get an SSL certificate and you can use OWA, OMA, EAS, RPC over HTTPS etc.

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