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2nd Exchange Server Trying Send Mail To Internet

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  • 2nd Exchange Server Trying Send Mail To Internet

    Ive got two offices, A and B. Both have servers with exchange 2003. Office A is the main office. I setup a routing group with A as master and B as member. I made a SMTP connector in the routing group for outbound mail and made the exchange server in office A the bridgehead for it. It is set for entire organization. So all mail comes in and out of office A. It has been working fine up until over the weekend.
    It appears that office B exchange server is now trying to send out its mail out to the internet instead of routing back to A for internet delivery. There is a message queue called Internet- _97184d.
    Im lost as to what would have caused this. E-mail is still getting routed back and forth between the servers for internal email. It is only happening with mail going out externally from office B. Ive looked at the properties of various settings and checked event logs, but can not seem to find what has happened.
    I need office b sending its external email to office a for delivery. Help!

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    Re: 2nd Exchange Server Trying Send Mail To Internet

    1. Check in the event logs if something was changed.
    2. Delete and recreate the Routing Group connector.
    3. Check the mail routing using SMTPDiag and Winroute and check the mail chain:
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      Re: 2nd Exchange Server Trying Send Mail To Internet

      I take it that external mail is now queuing on this funny "Internet- _97184d." queue now? Or do you see lots of queues that are silimar to this queue?

      It sounds as if the routing table within the Exchange Server in Office B is corrupt. Perhaps the VPN link went down over the weekend, leading to the confusion. The table may have gotten confused or corrupted at B. B would have tried to contact the master at A for an update but couldn't.

      Try the following steps:

      1. Restart the Default SMTP Virtual Server in ESM for server B and then see if mailflow improves. Any messages stuck in those odd queues will then find their way across the RGC to Server A.

      2. If that fails, then restart the MS Routing Engine service. And that would normally do the trick.

      In some cases, the above does not do the trick, and you may need to restart the server B. The Link State table is held in memory on the server B and it might just be plain frazzled. Make sure that you've got good ping and other connectivity between the sites, and then restart Server B. Once it has restarted, it will contact the Master Link State table (server A) for an update.

      Hope this helps?



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        Re: 2nd Exchange Server Trying Send Mail To Internet

        Yup, it had to do with the routing group. Office B is a member and was not making its connection to A. Used the Winroute tool to see that. I removed it from the group and added it back. Seemed to do the trick.