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Mail Delay on the front-end server

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  • Mail Delay on the front-end server

    I am having a problem with my 2 FE servers, both of them are facing some big mail delay and thier is not NDR.

    Mail route from BE to FE thier is no problem
    Mail route from FE to SUN machine host IMSS (trendmicro scan with postfix) problems are here.

    I faced this problem after installing the ISA server for OWA but the FE gateway doesn't pass by ISA, I even tried to shutdown the machine after but still no luck.

    I have checked the network betweek the FE and the IMSS server, all seems to be great the IMSS is not blocking anything oir droping any communication and also the FE, telnet from both machines to each other on port 25 but still no problems...

    I think it is FE problem but i can't find where is the problem...
    P.S. thier is no NDR for the delayed message...

    Can someone find me a solution for that?

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    Re: Mail Delay on the front-end server

    The FE is not supposed to be in the mail chain, it should only be the OWA server.

    You need to forward your emails from the BE to the FW / Mailrelay (ISA / SUN) and vice versa.
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