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configuration oma and activesync

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  • configuration oma and activesync

    I have a problem I should make to work the services of activesync and oma on the pochets pc of the firm in which job.
    I premise that I have an exchange 2003 with service pack 2, the owa doesn't use the protocol https.
    the pocket pc is a htc 710s with mobile windows 6.
    I have shaped the pocket pc with active sync with the ip of my server (owa), with the account and password and removing the flag on the authentication ssl.
    when asset the active sync on the pocket after some second gave instead now me a generic error 85010001 it tells me to correct the autentication drafts of the server of exchange and it proposes me to put again the password but also proposes the same error
    even if I try to use the oma on the pocke he asks me the authentication I insert everything but then from error telling me that I am not authorized.
    I premise that the consumers have the whole trained owa and also the oma
    I don't know anymore' thing to do...... if you can help me...
    besides there and' someone who happily uses this service?


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    Re: configuration oma and activesync

    What language was this message originally written in?

    Are you using ISA? Are you using Forms Based Authentication?

    I suggest you try OMA from inside your LAN, see if that works. If it does we will move on from there.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services