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Can not authenticate through webmail

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  • Can not authenticate through webmail

    Hi all

    I am contacting you from a secondary school in the uk.

    Both servers windows 2003

    My situation is that I have my first exchange server running exchange server standard edition, server 1, with staff mailboxes on, working fine for all things we need.

    I have now setup second server running exchange server enterprise edition, server 2, to eventually put staff and students on in seperate information stores.

    Both servers are in the same organisation.

    Question: Should server 1 authenticate users on server 2 for webmail access or will I have to set server 2 up for webmail as well?

    Any help or vice would be much appreciated.

    Pete Thompson

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    Re: Can not authenticate through webmail

    Sounds like you already have sever 1 working for all things, including OWA (webmail).

    You don't say whether both servers are running Exchange 2003 or what?

    But as long as both servers are in the same domain, you should find that server 1 will already authenticate for mailboxes\users on server 2.

    In an ideal world then, you'd set up server 1 to be what's called a front-end server, and for security, move all mailboxes off this server and on to server 2. You'd then only use server 1 as your web access server.




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      Re: Can not authenticate through webmail

      Sorry, both servers are exchange 2003. Server 1 standard edition and server 2 enterprise.

      Is there anything I should do on server 2 to allow users on that server to get authenticated through server 1? Because users on server 2 are not gaining access to their mailboxes just come up with page cannot be displayed when trying to access OWA.

      Also if I make server 1 a front end server will the mailboxes on server 1 still be active until I move them al onto server 2?

      Cheers Pete


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        Re: Can not authenticate through webmail

        On question 1, Don't think you need to do anything except make Server 1 a front-end server. Front end servers relay mailbox requests etc. to a back end server and this might be the problem.

        When you make server 1 a front end server the mailboxes there will still be active and happy.