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  • can send cant receive


    i tried to test my email through and it says that my email server is using a private ip

    dsl -->router--> switch-->server

    on the router i pointed all virtual server list to my server (local ip)
    on my dns settings - mx record point to the name of my server

    what am i missing

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    Re: can send cant receive

    A bit more information please.

    What happens when you send an email from the outside world to your server? Post up, or tell us what sort of NDR you get.

    Post up what it says from (smudge out any names you don't want us to see).

    We need to see what you see!


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      Re: can send cant receive

      have you created an A record on your DNS zone that matches what your MX record is pointing to and is a public IP address?

      In other words, the first thing you should check is this:

      1) This needs to be in your DNS zone

      MX 10
      A (just an example for a public IP address)


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        Re: can send cant receive

        Where did you create the MX records?
        At your ISP or on your local DNS server?

        If the latter, you should do it on the former.

        Put your domain in to and see whether it flags any errors in the mail server section and your MX records are listed with the correct external IP address.

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          Re: can send cant receive

          here's what i have on my dlink router

          Virtual Server FTP TCP 21 / 21 always
          Virtual Server HTTP TCP 80 / 80 always
          Virtual Server HTTPS TCP 443 / 443 always
          Virtual Server DNS UDP 53 / 53 always
          Virtual Server SMTP TCP 25 / 25 always
          Virtual Server POP3 TCP 110 / 110 always
          Virtual Server Telnet TCP 23 / 23 always
          Virtual Server FTP TCP 20 / 20 always
          PPTP TCP 1723 / 1723 always
          DCS-900,DCS-1000 TCP 80 / 80 always
          DCS-2000,DCS-5300 TCP 800 / 800 always
          DCS-3120 UDP 5002-5003 / 5002-5003 always
          IMAP TCP 143 / 143 always
          NNTP TCP 119 / 119 always

          here's the dnsstuff error message

 - [ERROR: A private IP address appeared in the MX records; this is not valid. Mailservers can not send to]

          here's some of my dns zone

          (same as parent folder) host(a)
          (same as parent folder) mail exchange (mx) [10]
          serv2 host(a)

          still cant receive mails... but can send.

          fyi... i'm using windows2003 r2/exchange2003 in a single pc


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            Re: can send cant receive

            Ah. Now the problem is clear.

            That is indeed a private address. The sort you can use inside your network but can't use outside your network.

            So, where you have configured your MX records within your 'external' DNS on your domain, perhaps via a web interface supplied by your ISP, you can't put in that private address. You can't put in any address, but you must obtain a public IP address.

            You can obtain this kind of fixed address from your ISP for a small amount each month. Once the ISP assigns you this adrress, you can add it to the MX section of your external DNS. Mail will then flow to your router.

            Routers vary but you will probably need to define in a port redirection table on the router so that mail coming in on port 25 from the outside will be forwarded to a server on the inside (your



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              Re: can send cant receive

              the public ip is configured on the wan settings on the router. if you notice port 25 is redirected to

              here's what i did to test my windows2003/exchange2003.

              i connected directly the cable to the lan card from the dsl modem. configured my lan card using my public ip, gateway, dns.

              i work fine. i can send and receive mails

              but i need to have it work through the router.


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                Re: can send cant receive

                ...But your report says that you have configured the private address on your external DNS. You need to change this to show your public IP address.