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Migrating from 5.5 to 2003, not all users can send mail between servers

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  • Migrating from 5.5 to 2003, not all users can send mail between servers

    I have an existing 5.5 organization, and added a 2003 server with the intention of slowly migrating users' mailboxes over to it (with the ultimate goal of going to 2007). Domain is Windows 2000 native. Neither Exchange server is a DC. The 2003 box is also running ADC, and, as far as I can tell, the agreements are set up correctly. I don't get any errors in the application log stating there's a communications problem with ADC. All the domain communications tests that get run during the initial steps of setup passed with no reported errors. Each Exchange box is aware of the other (they each show up in the other's respective admin consoles) and I can migrate mailboxes between them with no problems. I set up one test mailbox in 5.5 and then moved it to the 2003 server.

    I have a number of issues still, that I feel I need to get resolved before I start a major migration of mailboxes.

    1) On my test workstation, I can send mail to some recipients that are still on 5.5, but not all. So far I do not see anything unique to those recipients that I cannot mail to; they look the same as all the ones that work. Internet mail comes and goes freely to/from the test mailbox.

    2) Similar problem with 5.5 users sending mail to this test mailbox. To make it more fun, there's not much consistency between #1 and #2 (i.e. I may be able to send a message from a 5.5 user to the test box on 2003, but can't necessarily send from the 2003 box to that same 5.5 user, and vice versa).

    3) Had this problem for a bit with my personal mailbox (still on 5.5) and the test box - I added the test box as an additional mailbox on my system, but could not access it until recently. I have no clue what suddenly changed to make it possible. But this issue still occurs with other mailboxes, and has the same sort of inconsistency noted in #2.

    4) Not all my groups from 5.5 have been replicated in AD. The ones that have are all fairly new additions to 5.5, but some of them did exist before the 2003 server was added. I can't find a way to get the entire 5.5 directory to replicate, and forcing ADC to do a full replication has had no effect. I did delete and recreate one small group in 5.5, and it replicated to AD, but I really don't want to do this for the other 50+ groups that haven't made it yet.

    5) The GAL that the test workstation can see shows all recipients, but only the groups that have replicated.

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    Re: Migrating from 5.5 to 2003, not all users can send mail between servers

    1-3 are solved, still have problems with 4 & 5. Plus one other issue I'm going to post about...