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ONLY outlook sync via internal network

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  • ONLY outlook sync via internal network

    I had a exchange server running great. everything works

    I did a rebuild to a new machine and set everything up, Everything works except i can ONLY use outlook to sync if the DNS is pointing to an internal IP; -> (im doing this on our own router.)

    as soon as a remove that entry, or say use my sprint card to connect to the domain, outlook times out and never connects.

    set the dns back tp and out look can connect again..

    I have the certificates right, as if i didn't i could not sync up internally.

    Also, when i turn off the internal DNS, i can see the incoming requests on port 443 but it just keeps retrying like 4 times, then i get the error on outlook client saying it cannot find the server....i cant even get past the "check name " button.

    Anyone help? this is so crucial i can not explain and i've been fighting with his one issue ALL weekend...I ALWAYS have this issue btw so i know im forgetting something.


    EDIT: Outlook mobile sync works btw with my sprint PDA...still no outlook sync over internet though...

    RESOVLED: DID NOT have RPC over HTTP installed (add / remove programs)...i had to re do my install log to discover this....
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