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TREO 700W one way sync

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  • TREO 700W one way sync

    Running FE/BE SSL exchange server 2003 SP 2, Total of Two Exchange servers...
    Treo 700w works great, BUT if you delete an email on the Treo it DOES NOT
    Delete it in the userís mail box via wireless. Delete the email from outlook (users
    Mailbox) it will be deleted off the Treo. We donít use cradles, ever, just wireless via OMA/ActiveSync. Something has changed, I have check the Treoís setting, not much to change. So if the users is out of the
    Office all day, all the emails he deleted while using the Treo will not
    Be deleted when he returns to the office and opens outlook. So he deletes the
    same email twice.
    I called Verizon the tech support d-bag said there is a check box in
    Exchange (somewhere) that only allows one way sync..... No help there....
    To my understanding there is not way to edit the sync.