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Mailbox calendars as public folders

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  • Mailbox calendars as public folders


    Im wanting to get everyones personal mailbox folder to be accessible in the same was as public folders are currently accessible (pub folders---staff---staff name).

    Is this possible? The main reason for this is syncing with PDA's which wont do the public folders, but will do the mailbox calendars with no problems.

    Anyone give me any pointers on this?

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Mailbox calendars as public folders

    No... viewing mailbox calendars can only be done via "Adding" another user's calendar. What you could do is create each user a public folder for calendar items and have them change their process to use that as their main calendar. Although even that wouldn't work properly as it would not generate reminders and it would not be synchronised with their mailbox calendar either.

    Why not create a distribution group with all mailbox users as members, and have all users give "Reviewer" permissions to that group. That way, if you need to see what someone's doing, you can "Open another user's folder", review their calendar, and then close it again.

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      Re: Mailbox calendars as public folders

      Cheers for the reply. I was hoping to be able to keep the current structure but had thought it that it wouldnt be a possibility.

      Changing the structure of the current setup would probably cause widespread panic here so I think it might be best left alone.

      I had stumbled across and application called Add2Exchange that creates relationships between public & private calendars and syncs them so I guess thats the route that I'll probably have to go down although I was hoping not to use a third party tool.

      Interesting little proggie though -