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Slow searching in exchange 2003

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  • Slow searching in exchange 2003


    OK heres the thing... We have SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003 server on it. It also has DNS, IIS FTP servers....

    Exchange has 30 mailboxes. Greatest size of mailbox is 650 MB.

    So when I try to search for lets say username in shared mailbox, it takes about 6-7 minutes??

    In my personal mailbox its fine, searching in instant...

    What can be wrong here, and what can cause so slow searching? It it slow with outlook 2007 or 2003.
    I have defragmented exchange database many times ( it is done auto 2X a week)...

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

    That's a weird one. Can you talk me through this? Please correct the steps below so we can understand what's going on:

    1. You log onto your mailbox. Your mailbox is setup to open this additional mailbox.
    2. You expand the additional mailbox OK from your copy of Outlook
    3. Within the additional mailbox, you perform a search for say a name, and this is what takes 6-7 mins?

    Off the top of my head (assuming the above, but might still help anyways), some things to think about:

    It sounds almost like permissions are at play, in some weird way. Check your permissions to see if you have full access to the additional mailbox.

    Give someone else permissions to the mailbox. Do they suffer in the same way?

    Is it your PC? Has it got a reasonable spec? Is your PC working too hard when you ask for the search?

    Is it the network connection? Can you ping your Server OK? Does it tracert in a short number of steps?

    Is it the server? You may need to add more RAM. How much do you have? Exchange keeps a view of all the mailboxes in the server's RAM, (and is why your search may be quick) but asking for a search would constitute a new view that needs to be generated (and may be the reason why it is slow).

    Is the server overworked? It's worth analyzing what else is running. A key Exchange structure that needs to run in memory is store.exe. Store.exe likes to take as much RAM as it can. Those views are stored here. But if you don't have much RAM and other processes are grabbing at the memory, then this might be the problem.

    At about 30 users, maybe it is time to consider a separate Exchange Server?

    Otherwise if you think this might be the problem, monitor the server's vitals for a while to see if this is the case. Then consider:

    1. Stopping any other applications on the server that don't need to run.
    2. Adding more RAM. But if you are at 4GB already, don't add any more.

    More to think about. AV. If you have Anti Virus running on your server, you should check that it is configured NOT to scan the Exchange databases (and not the Exchange binaries). Can't imagine an incorrect set up of AV would cuase this kind of performance drop, but that's something you should check anyway.

    And I think I've rambled enough. I hope that some of this helps!



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      Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

      Thanks for answer!

      OK here we go:

      Server has 4 gigs of RAM
      Tracert shows only one entry, directly to the server -> OK
      Ping is fine
      Permissions supposed to be OK, or I think they are
      Other users are having the same problems
      My PC has Core 2 duo, win vista, 1 Gb ram, outlook 2007 -> works great with exception of slow searching in outlook

      Outlook 2003 and winXP -> same slow problems

      We are reselling AV product so AV is not a problem

      And yes, you understood my problem very fine...

      Some day just started to happening...


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        Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

        OK. More for me to ask you...!

        If you log on as that same additional user with that mailbox, do you have the same symptoms?

        If you set up another additional mailbox and test that, do you have the same symptoms?


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          Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

          tried this already same symptoms...

          I dont have ANY clue what causes this...


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            Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

            It's certainly an odd one. Are you using Outlook in cached mode? This might explain why your local searches are quick whilst searches on an additional mailbox is slow.

            Would be good to switch back to 'online' mode, and then see how your searches are.


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              Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

              trying this right now!


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                Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

                now it works...

                It doest freeze anymore, it displays "Searching" which is OK...

                But still little slow...

                A few more exchange defrags should help it...


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                  Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

                  I'm glad we've kinda got to the bottom of that.

                  But I don't think that taking Exchange offline and then defragging it will help very much. Remember that Exchange does all that automatically in the dead of night, each night.

                  You'd really only do an offline defrag if you needed to recover some disk space - an offline defrag would also compact the database.

                  If it is still a bit slow, is the additional mailbox very big? Does it have trillions of objects? What sort of search are you doing? Is it for a particular subject, for example?

                  Going back to your Outlook, I don't suppose you've got it configured to use an OST? I've seen PC's slow down quite a bit when an Offline Folder File is being used.



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                    Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

                    damn it

                    Now searching works like a charm, and with Outlook 2003 there is all fine...

                    But in Vista and outlook 2007, ONLY when I search, I get this (see the attached picture)

                    In Outlook 2003, there is no problems...

                    Any suggestions?
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                      Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

                      Over to someone else? I'm only just starting to look at Vista in any depth and I'm not yet on to Outlook 2007...



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                        Re: Slow searching in exchange 2003

                        huh it seems to be exchange cached mode...

                        When I turn this on, it works...

                        Strange thing is, that now EVEN with exchange cached mode on, searching is fast, about 10-20 seconds for one item among ~100000...