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How do i receive mail in outlook

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  • How do i receive mail in outlook

    Dear All,

    Have a novice question to ask....

    The situation:

    1. I have an exchange server physically setup at location A and all users in location A have MS Outlook configured with Exchange server mailboxes .....

    2. I also have another physical location, Location B, where users are currently using OWA to access their mails online.....

    The problem

    How do i configure MS Outlook at Location B, so that it pulls mail from the Exchange server ..... as an exchange server mailbox.....

    I hope i've been able to explain the problem correctly...

    Thanks & regards

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    Re: How do i receive mail in outlook

    What versions of Exchange and Outlook are we dealing with?
    Is there a VPN connection between the offices?
    Is this by any chance an SBS server?

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      Re: How do i receive mail in outlook

      Hi Jeremy,

      We're dealing with Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 Sp1

      No VPN between offices and no SBS server to talk about

      actually in a bit of a confusion .....

      Wud like to get a direction in which to proceed.......

      I already have Location A, up and running on the Exchange server 2003, with users logging into Outlook 2003 using their exchange mailboxes .....

      Location B, does have nothing setup.....

      So wud like to know what is the best way to setup an exchange infrastructure at Location B and make users access their exchange mailboxes .....

      Am a bit confused about SMTP connectors and smart hosts ........ so need help to understand and figure out a solution ...



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        Re: How do i receive mail in outlook

        If mail is working fine at office A then there's no need to mess with the SMTP connector(s) and/or virtual servers. You just need to worry about getting the users at office B connected to the Exchange server.

        Since it's Exchange 2003 that means you have licenses for Outlook 2003.
        If the computers at office B have XP on them and since there's no VPN, then the best way would be to setup RPC over HTTP/S.

        You might want to check out these for getting a certificate

        I'll add that has inexpensive and widely trusted certificates.

        If you want to do a home grown certificate then you'll need to install a CA

        Daniel, Simon, am I missing anything?
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        Baltimore - Washington area and beyond


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          Re: How do i receive mail in outlook

          Missing anything?
          Have you looked for what you are missing?

          With SSL, I sometimes suggest a RapidSSL free trial certificate to get used to the process and also to work as a proof of concept.
          Another place for SSL certificates -

          Home grown certificates are a pain, and when you can get a certificate for US$20 a year, not worth the hassle.

          A recommendation to upgrade to Exchange 2003 SP2, or at least ask why they haven't upgraded?

          Apart from that...

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