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Exchange Server 2000 E-mail Issues--Please Help! :)

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  • Exchange Server 2000 E-mail Issues--Please Help! :)


    Running Exchange Server 2000 Standard, with Active Directory. Windows XP and 2000 machines running either Office 2000 or 2003.

    A lot of people are getting the following error message when sending to internall DL's accross our LAN:

    Reporting-MTA: dns;

    Final-Recipient: rfc822;[email protected]
    Action: delayed
    Status: 4.4.7
    Will-Retry-Until: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 14:20:43 -0400
    X-Display-Name: Smith, Tom

    I went in and edited all of the users e-mail in active directory to have the same smtp address, example smtp address: [email protected] and checked off the box for update recipient policy.

    I thought part of the problem was that several of the users profiles had differing primary smtp addresses.

    I went into Exchange Server Manager (Sorry I'm Tired and not at my work computer, this may be the wrong name) and went under global settings and right clicked on recipients and chose update and rebuild.

    When I checked on it later, it had changed all the primary smtp addresses from [email protected] to [email protected]

    First Question: Why did this happen??

    Second question: What's the easiest way to change it back?

    (without the mind numbing task of going through and changing everyone's primary e-mail address again.)

    Third Question: How do I fix the delay error problems??

    Fourth Question: There are E-mail DL's setup in AD for all users, SMTP:[email protected]

    How do I make sure everyone will receive an e-mail from a DL setup like this?
    (the delay errors are happening when people send to DL's)

    Fifth Question:
    Our primary e-mail addresses are setup as: Example: [email protected]

    Could there be a conflict with the DL smtp addresses being setup like [email protected] ???

    I appreciate any and all help with this!!! If you have ansers with screen shots that would be the best or detailed answers appreciated!!!



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    Re: Exchange Server 2000 E-mail Issues--Please Help!

    No Double posting:

    2) No double posting

    Not here. Post once, wait for an answer. Do NOT post your "very important" question on more than one forum, and never post the same question again. If you have new issues regarding your "old" question - just follow your first thread and post to it. Members that cannot understand this simple rule will be banned.
    Thread reported to admins

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      Re: Exchange Server 2000 E-mail Issues--Please Help!

      JW2007, 4 hours and 9 minutes between posts. Why did you find it necessary to post the exact same thread again? Did you think it might get you an answer quicker? (Rhetorical questions)

      You now have a 2 week ban to become more familiar with the posting rules. The other thread will be left open for members who may have an answer to your question(s).
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