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Servers not forwarding

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  • Servers not forwarding

    I have installed an additional exchange 2003 server . Moved a test user to the server sent internal email from a user located on server 1 to server 2. the email is not getting to the test user located on server 2. Or is the test user on server 2 able
    Users on server 1 have no problems inside or in to out.
    to send to users on server1.
    Server on has the smtp virtual server.
    Any authenticated can relay.
    VS is Configured for single ip address.
    Both servers are in the same routing group.
    RUS has been rebuilt.
    IIS has been restarted.

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    Re: Servers not forwarding

    The number one reason for this is a smart host configured on the SMTP virtual server. If you have a smart host configured there you must remove it. If you need to use a smart host for email delivery then use an SMTP connector.

    The second reason is AV interference. Some of the AV applications will block the SMTP traffic.

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