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How to: Centralize OWA & Outlook Client

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  • How to: Centralize OWA & Outlook Client

    Hello Friends & experts,

    I have installed exchange 2003 successfully, the reason I want to use this in my organization is to keep things centralized on one server. I mean with all email, contacts, calander, notes etc.

    OWA is also working perfect.

    I am configuring Outlook Client using IMAP

    But one thing is if I make any changes in account logging in via OWA that doesnt reflects in Outlook Client, lets take example of "contacts" if I add any contact via OWA it doesnt appear in Outlook Client. and vice-versa.

    If I subscribe for "Contacts" from "IMAP folders" and see for contacts its displaying the contacts as email and not in "Contacts" section of Outlook Client.

    By any chance is there any way to achive this?

    In simple, Want to keep all things on server, nothing should be downloaded on clients PC.

    Thanks in advance.
    hope to receive helpfull reply.


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    Re: How to: Centralize OWA & Outlook Client

    Why don't you work MAPI (Exchange & Outlook native)?
    CNE 5, CCA, MCSE NT4.0-2003, MCSE 2003 messaging, Exchange Server MVP.
    Tzahi Kolber - IT Supervisor
    Polycom Israel.


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      Re: How to: Centralize OWA & Outlook Client

      When you add email accounts in outlook select exchange server instead.