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A double email issue, help!

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  • A double email issue, help!

    Hi, everyone. I came across an issue regarding sending and receiving email. Here is the situation;
    I have two profiles set up in Outlook express 6. One is, say, [email protected] and the other one is [email protected], the a account is default.
    everytime when I try to send an email to my friend using a account, my friend will receive two copies of the same email, one of the copies is from a account while the other one is from b. However, when he receive emails sent from other people instead of me, everything is ok. I guess that's possiblely because of problem on my side. Can anyone help me on this? Any suggestion, advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you need to have two seperate accounts look into creating an identity instead of two mail servers. If you're already using an identity there's a problem and you'll probably have to remove then recreate them.

    If you don't want an identity, for account B change the outgoing server address to something that will obviously not work... "1.12.123"

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