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Problem with the priv1.edb file

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  • Problem with the priv1.edb file

    Ok heres my situation - the server died so i had to re-build it - I have a back up of the priv1.edb file so i have copied this back into the C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA directory

    however now it will not mount the store - i can create a new one and this will mount fine

    Please help

    Scott [4m]

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    Re: Problem with the priv1.edb file

    1. I don't understand why you don't have a backup of the DB so you could have restored it in an easy way....
    2. I hope you installed the Exchange using setup /disasterrecovery:

    But if you have only the DB, here is how mount it:

    1. Create a new DB with NewDB name for examle and name DB files as NewDB .edb + NewDB.stm.
    2. Do not mount the DB.
    3. Copy the Prive1.edb + Priv1.stm (the source DB that you have from the source server to the location of the NewDB files.
    4. Rename the source DBs that you have to NewDB .edb + NewDB.stm.
    5. Mark V at the Mailbox Store: "This DB can be override by restore".
    6. Mount the DB.
    7. Link the Mailboxes in the DB to the users in the AD.
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      Re: Problem with the priv1.edb file

      OK the backup was running at the time of the system crash so the latest backup was currupt and i also think the priv1.edb and priv1.stm files that i have are currupt as when mounting them errors still occur saying the files are currupt...

      Set up was not done using setup /disasterrecovery - as it was the standard SBS 2003 setup

      There are only a few users on this system and they have a local back up of the emial so i will just create a new data base and copy over the emails once set up

      Thanks for your help...
      Scott [4m]