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non_ipm_subtree\schema folder

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  • non_ipm_subtree\schema folder

    Hello guys,
    Today, after updating virus definitions for Symantec AV on Exchange2000, the damn thing deleted all XML files from non_ipm_subtree\schema folder.
    I still have SCHEMA folder available to me though, and it appears that absolutely identical files were removed. The system seems working OK so far..
    I now disabled AV scanning of entire non_ipm_subtree, as per Symantec advice.
    I tried to log onto OWA from the outside and it also loaded fine.

    The questions:
    1. What are the implications of Symantec AV removing those files?
    2. Where on Earth can I find non_ipm_subtree\schema folder in order to recreate the removed files? Do I have to do so?

    Apologies if these are dumb questions and thanks in advance.