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problem upgrading to exchange 2003

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  • problem upgrading to exchange 2003

    I have 1 domain with 3 win 2003 servers in my active directory scheme.
    I removed the 1 win 2003 server that was running exchange 2000 from being an adc because I want to upgrade this 1 win 2003 server that is currently running exch 2000 to exch 2003.
    During the upgrade process, after I ran the forest prep and domain prep tools, I received an error:
    "all active directory connectors in the windows forest must be upgraded to the most current version before you can upgrade Microsoft Exchange"
    "the following server has not been upgraded - mailserver (my machine that I am talking about)

    Has anyone seen this before? I searched on google and didn't find anything relating to this. Possibly I jumped the gun abd replication between my other two machines wasn't complete? I waited and checked the two other machines. Hmmmm - any help is greatly appreciated, as I am not an exchange admin and am not familiar with this.



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    a couple of things:
    1. If you are not an Exchange Admin, why the hell you decided to upgrade the bastard? The golden rule is: Never fix what is working fine.
    I am sure your userbase is ecstatic now, unless you are playing in the lab, of course..

    2. Here is the link:

    READ it.. READ it AGAIN and make sure you understand it before you start clicking those buttons.. If you don't understand it, leave it alone. That is the most honest and friendly advice, mate.
    Good luck.