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  • Public Folders + Windows Mobile

    Having looked on the net Im fairly certain the answer will be no but best to check.

    Have a customer trialling the BES software and blackberry, so far they are not won over by them, despite telling them a Windows Mobile solution would be a much better way of doing mobile email.

    Anyway the Blackberry's can not access the companies Public Folders this is a limitation from within the software. So does anyone know if you can get public folders to show on Windows Mobile 5? We have tried with our own devices but to no avail currently.

    Will this be something Windows Mobile 6 can do with Exchange 2003?

    Cheers in advance


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    Re: Public Folders + Windows Mobile

    Can't do it with Windows Mobile 5. Not supported either on Windows Mobile 6. I'm not sure if MS are ever going to support PF's with Windows Mobile, because there will be no support for PF's after Exchange 2007. This will perhaps be why they've already built in support for Sharepoint in Windows Mobile 6.


    P.S. There are a couple of third party solutions out there. Can't remember what they are called but if you do a I'm sure you'll find them.


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      Re: Public Folders + Windows Mobile

      Don't hold your breath for anything connected with public folders from Microsoft. They are trying to kill public folders, but seem to be trying the slow strangulation method.

      There are rumours that BES 5 will have some kind of public folder support (better late than never) but as RIM haven't even got a version of BES that is compatible with Exchange 2007, some four months after release and at least 18 months after they would have got access to the software, I wouldn't hold out much hope of seeing BES 5 in the next 12 months.

      You could look at add2exchange from "did it better", that may deal with the problem for you.

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