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receiving Icalendar massages on exchange

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  • receiving Icalendar massages on exchange

    We are using a web application to create and send to some users follow-ups they can accept into their Outlook 2003 (Calendar) as reminders.

    The info is taken from a database and once the form is submitted is being sent to the user's email address in <a href="">VCalendar</a> format.

    However after migrating a user's mailbox from POP3 to Exchange 2003, the Exchange server does not convert the VCalendar item into Outlook reminder that can be accepted by user and placed into his Calendar - instead comes as a text email which cannot 'be acepted'.
    The issue can be resolved if the web application form will Post the item as <a href="">ICalendar</a>, the newer format which is supported by the Exchange server.

    However in order to support all POP3 and Exchange accounts we would let the web application post the info as VCalendar and tweak the Exchange server to convert the incoming vCal packages to iCal.
    We must mention that incoming mails are being routed from POP3 to Exchange for the mailboxes we have migrated to Exchange.

    If anybody faced something similar or has an idea we will much appreciate it.