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Can not Receive NDR in Entourage in MAC

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  • Can not Receive NDR in Entourage in MAC

    When using entourage in MAC, why is it I cannot receive NDR (Non Delivery Report).

    But I tried to use OWA (Outlook Web Access), then check it in my entourage, I receives NDR.

    Pls. Help me, is there any settings or options I need to do in entourage for me to receives NDR.

    Need your help badly.

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    Re: Can not Receive NDR in Entourage in MAC

    Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with Entourage.

    But I am confused by your desire to see NDR's! You only get non delivery reports if mail cannot be delivery to its destination.

    So if you send someone a message and it does not get to its destination, then you get a NDR. You can get a NDR straight away for some conditions, but sometimes, you might not get an NDR for up to two days. I suppose it all depends on what you connect Entourage to. Is it to an Exchange Server? That server might be set to retry for more than two days?

    Are you receiving normal mail messages sent to you in Entourage?

    All of a sudden, I think you may mean a Delivery Report? Do you mean the sort of report where if the message is read by someone, then a report is sent back?