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  • Sync return HTTP_400


    I have windows server 2003 running with Exchange 2003 SP1. Also i have an IPAQ with windows mobile 2003. It was possible to sync this ipaq with oma on the exchange server, also i managed to use ssl, everuthing was OK.

    then i installed sharepoint server, then it was not possible anymore to sync the ipaq (HTTP_500 error), i deinstalled the sharepoint, still the HTTP_500. Now at this time i still get the HTTP_400 error.

    i think it has something to do with kerberos (?????), how can i manage to let the sync proces use the kerberos protocol again.

    thanks in advance

    regards henk

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    Re: Sync return HTTP_400

    Any reason you are not on Exchange 2003 SP2?
    The way that ActiveSync worked was changed in that service pack and I would suggest that you upgrade the server first before continuing.

    Once you have upgraded the server, does oma work?

    OMA and ActiveSync share a similar backend, so if one works the other will. However OMA is much easier to troubleshoot.

    If when you browse to OMA you get a certificate prompt, then ActiveSync will not work.

    Are you using Forms Based Authentication as well? If so there is a known issue with FBA, SSL and ActiveSync which is discussed in KB 817379 or my article at

    However before making changes to the server I would suggest updating it to the latest patch level.

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