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Removing an exchange server from AD

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  • Removing an exchange server from AD

    Hello all

    I am trying to uninstall EX 2003 from a server. Runing setup and removing EX is will not work, so i am doing it manually and will follow

    The server is not first EX server and holds no important roles. As I intend to just flatten the server (all mail boxes are removed!!!) can I just skip to the Remove the Exchange 2003 server from Active Directory
    part and just remove the server via sytem manager, and miss out the other instructions.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Removing an exchange server from AD

    I'd try as much as you can to follow all the steps that you can. You can remove the server manually, but you'll always find some remnants of the old server left in AD.

    The remnants can sometimes come back to bite you.

    Tell us why you can't remove the server normally and what error message you get - maybe someone here can help?




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      Re: Removing an exchange server from AD

      You should always try to remove Exchange using add/remove programs rather than the manual methods. The most common reason that the uninstall fails is because people get the message about mailboxes being located on the server and yet they cannot find the mailbox listed in ESM.

      The reason that happens is that mailboxes are not created until they are required. Therefore you can create an account, mail enable it, but if it is never used it never has a mailbox - but the domain knows that the mailbox would be created there and the account is pointing to that server for its mailbox location. You have to move the mailbox in the usual way (even though you aren't moving anything) so that the links and connections are moved to the other server.

      There are various ways of finding the accounts that do not have a mailbox created for them, my preferred technique is right at the end of my migration article:

      If it is not the mailbox error that you are getting, then post the errors as it is far easier to fix the errors and allow Exchange to be removed gracefully than trying to hack it out by hand.

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