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Allowing Users to Send As a Distribution Group

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  • Allowing Users to Send As a Distribution Group

    I need to allow some users to send as a distribution group address. I have given them the send as permission on the dist. group but when I test an email the user gets back an error that they do not have permission to send to that user. Any ideas?

    I also have two routing groups. One routing group cannot send external or to the other routing group by design. It is almost like this dist group is sending from within that routing group but I don't see how to specify that. Not sure if this is the reason just a suspicion.

    Windows 2003
    Exchange 2003 Ent.
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    Re: Allowing Users to Send As a Distribution Group

    Hi there,

    I reckon you might be onto something with your routing group idea.

    There's not much you can do to control which routing group is used. Within your routing group, there is some control but only on your Internet Mail Connector type, where you've got the Address Space tab and you can specify which external domains use the connector.

    For internal destinations, a routing algorithm determines which routing group and connector should be used, based on availability of the connectors.

    You could try increasing the cost on the connectors within the Routing Group that you do suspect. Increasing the cost should force your test messages out through the other connectors on the 'good' routing group.

    You'll probably need to restart the Default SMTP Virtual Server on your server when you do this. You might even need to restart the Routing Engine service (it sometimes gets its knickers in a twist).

    Hope this helps.