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user can't open emails sent as attachments

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  • user can't open emails sent as attachments

    On exchange 2003 SP2. Got a weird problem. The user is unable to view
    emails that are sent as attachments. He can not view them using OWA nor can
    he view them using the outlook client. If he opens and email attachment it
    eithers opens up with no text in it or opens with no readable characters.

    I emailed the user 3 emails with attachments that were in emails, in html,
    rich text and plain text format. They were all received. This did not
    replicate the problem.

    A colleague in his department forwarded them on and he could open them.
    Both the forwarder and the client are on outlook 2003.

    I thought it might be an encoding issue. As yet I don't know if the sender
    uses a mac or not.

    I found a ms article that looked promising
    but couldn't see anything relevant.

    The attached emails won't display at home or at work. It
    also happens intermittently with internal and external users.

    I'm wondering about mailbox corruption. Is there any way to run integrity
    checks against a single mailbox - I don't want to mess with the entire store
    database if possible. Our backups are scheduled so that the online DB
    maintenance has time to run so I doubt corruption of the entire store or
    storage group is likely.

    The only other thought I had was maybe an intermittent network issue.
    Anyone seen a dodgey switch cause this?