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IIS Issues caused by DEP

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  • IIS Issues caused by DEP


    For some reason, our exchange server (server 2003, exchange 2003) rebooted itself today. When i logged onto the machine, I keep getting these "Data Execution Prevention" errors. "To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program". The program is IIS. Not sure why this happened, but if I Click to close the message, it just pops right back up. Now, IIS is running, and mail is flowing, but the message wont go away.

    Another thing that happened when I logged in, was that I kept getting warning about being low on system space. Turns out, these "inetinfo.exe....hdmp" dump files kept being created, and filling up the har drive. Each one was between 70 and 95mb's. I ran the IIS Debug tool, and that seems to have done something, because those dump files are no longer showing up. The inetinfo.exe service was acting funky before running that tool. It was eating up the processor like crazy.

    Things seem to be better, but that DEP message wont go away.

    Any ideas whats going on here???

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    Re: IIS Issues caused by DEP

    there can be a few things that will cause this... i had this happen to my back-end a few weeks ago.

    i needed to find the code that was used on my exchange server, but they are blades. i cant exactly yank it out of the slot to look at the sticker, so i used RockXP to try to find the code... which worked, but the minute it touched the LSASS service the computer gave the NT Authority shutdown.. (opps!)

    when the server restarted it gave me the same error. DEP was giving me the message too..

    i just disabled the DEP and rebooted... then reenabled it again and rebooted. that was it.

    thats the last time i use RockXP on a working server.
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      Re: IIS Issues caused by DEP

      Thanks for the response. I will give that a try tonight once our users leave for the day. From the lack of info I found on this, I was actually starting to think that I was the first person to ever experience this. I should know better!!!

      Thanks again, will let you know if it works.