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Recovering Public Folder Content - help

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  • Recovering Public Folder Content - help

    We rely heavily on Public Folders. Last fall (prior to me working at
    this job) they were cleaned up. The data was backed up to tape. I
    now need to recover a posted message prior to that cleanup. I have
    the tape, have cataloged it, and am confident we have the data. I've
    read that you cannot use the Recovery Storage Group to recover Public
    Folder content. I am not trying to recover data from 'deleted items'
    and this is not a disaster. Can I use Recovery Storage Group or
    create a new Public Folder Store or do I have to build another
    Exchange server as some documentation says?

    Any info is greatly appreciated-

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    Re: Recovering Public Folder Content - help

    You cannot use an RSG for public folder content. Therefore to do the restore you will have to build a separate recovery server. This is basically another server in a recovery domain, with the same name and Exchange org as the original server. You restore in to that, mount the server and then add a workstation with Outlook installed to the recovery domain and extract the content from the public folder through Outlook in to a PST file.

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      Re: Recovering Public Folder Content - help

      Thanks. Can you explain a bit more about the "recovery domain?" If this is a different domain, then wouldn't I need to separate, new AD domain since Exchange will query a GC? What is involved in configuring the recovery domain?

      Thanks a lot-


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        Re: Recovering Public Folder Content - help

        I'll answer and if Simon thinks I've missed something I'm sure he'll hop in.

        is one place you can start reading.

        Basically we're talking about a totally separate forest (and naturally Exchange Org.), different network.
        • You set up a server/strong PC with Win2003 and all SPs, computer name or IP does NOT matter;
        • You install AD, domain name does NOT matter;
        • You install Exchange - same version - SAME Organization name as production!
        • You install rellevant SPs;
        • You create stores, SAME names as in production!
        • You restore stores to the new server;
        • You connect mbxs to demo users, or if PF, then use Outlook to connect to the PF and export what you need to PST.

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