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public folder tree deleted? can i get back?

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  • public folder tree deleted? can i get back?

    hey guys
    how you all doing?

    well itdummy back and i am in a predicament.
    i deleted the public folder tree by accident.
    technically in 2003 exchange you cant; i tried it at home
    on my trial version and says you cant unless you delete
    the store first; but got to love the job when you are clicking
    and bam you hit delete and the Public folder tree disappears.
    i am so pissed. i cant get it back. i tried ntbackup recover.
    nothing; says AD needs to replicate but it has been days?
    i can see the objects in the Active Directory.
    how can i get the Public FOlder tree back that corresponds to
    The Public Folder Store? Seems like I am SOL?
    any help from you gurus! man! i am just torqued!

    thanks guys!

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    Re: public folder tree deleted? can i get back?

    Oh my...

    There are lots to happen. here is my quick and dirty way...
    Login to your master exch server
    From the exchagne system manager
    "Recipients" -> "Recipient Update Services"
    Right click each entries on your right and do "update now" or do "Rebuild".
    Make sure your master exchange server is listed there and your main domain controller is linked to it. Wait about 5-20 minutes.

    Go to the main DC, and open "Acitve directory sites and services"
    Starting from the main DC, travel down to NTDS setttings, on your right, on each entry right click and do "replicate now"
    Once it is done, wait another 5 to 20 minutes.

    Visit each exchange server
    From the exchagne system manager
    Adminitrative tools -> "your org group" -> Folders
    and see if the folder got disappeared.

    Do your restore process. -> warning, the whole public folder area will be reverted.

    If you get the same error your AD is not replicating...

    Thank you.
    MCP, MCSA+messaging, MCDBA, OCA.


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      Re: public folder tree deleted? can i get back?

      thank you fro your reply
      will try and let youi know lator
      thanks a bunch

      oh my is right!