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Weird exchange problem

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  • Weird exchange problem

    I have a user that hosed her profile when trying to sync her Treo with her Outlook. We have Exchange Server 2003. When viewing her Calendar through the Outlook 2000 client, the dates are bolded, however, there is no information in them. If she logs on through OWA, she can see her calendar just fine. Two other workers have permissions to her calendar and they can also see her calendar just fine through their Outlook 2000 clients. The problem seems to be with this user's profile. I loaded her outlook profile onto a new PC and I still cannot view her Calendar properly. As I said before, the calendar has no entries showing, however, the dates are bolded correctly on dates that she has information stored.

    Please, if anyone can help, please give me some ideas to fix this issue because I can't seem to find anything relevant on this topic when searching the net.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Weird exchange problem

    Wow, that is why I disable "User initiated sync and up-to-date notification" on the "exchange fetures".

    You should delete profiles on her old machine and recreate the profile, even if new PC will create a new profile that might get synced from old PC.

    In worst case scenario
    0. Open her mailbox using exchagne admin account and do backup from the outlook (make PST file technically, select whole mailbox) - or use exmerge, if you know how to use it.
    1. From the ad users and computers, locate the user account. note the database location, right click and exchange tasks -> delete mailbox.
    2. Open system manager go to the database and run "Run clean up agent" from the "mailbox" folder. that will delete the mailbox pointer to user account. make sure her mailbox with red X mark is gone.
    3. Go back to ad users and computers, locate the user, exchange task and recreate mailbox. -- you might have to wait about 15minutes or so until AD gets updated by exchange.
    4. go back to the old mahine and delete all profile information. I mean go to the outlook folder and delete ost and such...all of them, if she already has a archived pst, you have to keep it of course.
    5. re-create profile by opening the outlook and restore PST.

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